Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Want To Test Stuff

In the running & blogging community, I see a good number of running bloggers who get the opportunity, on occasion to test out some new running gear. Shoes, shirts, compression gear, gels, whatever; but it always seems to be the better, faster runners who get to benefit from this.

So I'm going to stand up for the regular guy - the guy running middle-of-the-pack, at a 8-to-9 minute pace, who never has a chance to sniff an age-group award, much less winning outright: I want to test your stuff! My reasoning is simple: there are more of us than there are of them. By which, I mean average runners. And we benefit as well from product reviews, and what better way to appeal to the masses of mid-packers than to have one of your own reviewing your product? Sure, the better, faster runners can tell you what they like about a pair of Saucony Kinvara 3's, but how is that relevant to someone like me, just slogging through my runs?

I say, let someone like ME tell everyone about it!! I'll give you the real story on what it's like wearing your new technical shirt (Men's L) when it's 93 degrees with 70% humidity and I'm struggling through a 5-mile pace run. I'll let you know how your compression sleeves really work on someone with calves that look more like logs than smooth tree limbs. It's me who will give you the scoop on how the new Brooks or Asics shoes (size 10 EEEE) take the pounding of a 200-pound body running up hills.

I'm here, waiting, for products to test for all those regular guys (and gals) out there running.

I know; I'm shameless.

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