Monday, May 7, 2012

Goody Two Shoes

Back around Thanksgiving, when I started my run streak, I decided that in order to do it, I'd have to incorporate a back-up pair of running shoes into my training. I had read articles that said to give your shoes at least 24 hours for the insoles to rebound. Since I knew that some of my runs would be less than 24 hours apart, I bought a new pair, and used my older pair as my back-up.

Inevitably, though, I found myself at a crossroads last week - both of my pairs of shoes had approximately the same number of miles on them - around 335 (which is where I begin to feel the need for new kicks). My dilemma was, which pair do I keep in the rotation? They are both Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12's, distinguished only by different colored LockLaces.

I couldn't decide which pair to go with, so I made the decision on Friday to purchase 2 brand-new pairs of shoes, and put them into an every-other-day rotation. I went with my tried and true standard, the Adrenaline 12's, but I had also read that you should get a completely different make & model for situations like this. My problem is that I have an extremely wide foot (EEEE), and there's not much out there in a Stability shoe in extra-wide widths.

I settled on the Asics GT-2170. I was wary about Asics, because my first "real" running shoe was Asics (Gel Cumulus 10), but I developed my calf problems because the Cumulus was a Neutral shoe, when I needed Stability. But the 2170 fit rather well - not as comfy as the Adrenalines, but a good fit nonetheless.

Before yesterday's 10-miler, I was having minor ankle issues with my Brooks, and after the run my feet were close to blistering. I decided today was the day to retire the old Adrenalines and put the new shoes into rotation. And they performed fairly well. No foot or ankle issues after the run (although it was on a treadmill), and I'm happy with the comfort they provided.

I'm confident that the new Adrenalines will perform as I expect, but the real test will be on Thursday, when I slip on the Asics for a 6-plus miler outside.

(Man, I hated this song when I was in high school...)


  1. Good luck with the shoes Dave , Adam Ant good choice!

  2. Thanks for sharing your delima, I need to do the same.

    Take care my friend,