Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The "Daily Mission" question on Daily Mile this morning was this: "Cardio. Strength. Flexibility. What is your weakest link?" Very timely, because on my run this morning (and before I saw the question), I thought about my current training plan, and what I was missing.

Some quick background: when I was serving in the Navy back in the late 80's, I would strength-train regularly, to the point where at my peak I was bench-pressing 275 lbs. and squatting close to 400. My downfall came when I failed the Physical Readiness Test in late 1987 - I couldn't complete the 1.5 mile run in 18 minutes. I look back on that and think how bad my cardio was that I couldn't sustain a 12 minute pace. But I refused to run.

Fast-forward to 2012, and a complete 180-degree turnaround: I am addicted to running, and I couldn't care less about strength training. That's detrimental to my overall training, and the area in which I need to drastically improve.

So after a lot of thought this morning, I have decided to alter my training schedule and to supplement my running beginning this Monday with 2 mornings of strength and core training. I have 10 weeks until the official start of training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I have lost 15 pounds since my run streak started on Thanksgiving Day 2011, and I want to tone that up. And I have another 10-15 pounds to go to where I want to be, weight-wise on October 28th. Running alone isn't going to do that.

For the time being, my run streak will continue; I'll warm up before my strength/core with a mile on the treadmill. But once MCM training begins, there will be complete rest days from running.

And this blog serves as my motivation; if I have it in writing, I'll be less likely to wander off - and I'm hoping my DM friends hold me to it.

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And now, Mr. David Jones:


  1. hi dave,
    I hated running with a passion years ago and now im addiced to running and to daily mile lol
    good on you x

  2. Hows the strength bit working weights are something I've only ever dabbled with. Stick in.