Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Shoes

I took a look at my running shoes on Sunday night, after my 10 mile run. I have put over 300 miles on this model, the Brooks GTS Adrenaline 9. The results of this examination led me to believe it was time to purchase a new pair. The inner toe of both shoes (but especially the right) was worn down to where there was almost a hole. This is partly due to the fact that I occasionally drag my right foot after it strikes the ground, a lingering result of my cervical disc problem I had in 2001 (that left me partially paralyzed on my right side for a few months).

The Brooks GTS Adrenaline 9 was my third pair of shoes since I began running; I originally began with Asics Gel Cumulus 10's, but those shoes were too neutral, and I got occasional calf injuries. In November, after I completed physical therapy for my calf, I did a treadmill test at the Potomac River Running store and it was determined that I not only had an underpronation (as determined when I first bought running shoes), but I also had an overpronation. A stability shoe, therefore, would hopefully keep my foot in balance.

Almost 5 months later, I can say with confidence that this was correct. I have not had a recurrence of the calf strains that plagued me in 2009. The Brooks GTS Adrenaline 9 was the perfect shoe for me.

So last night I went back to the store and purchased a pair of Brooks GTS Adrenaline 10 shoes. Surprisingly, the shoes were $5 less than the pair I bought last November, and these are the newer "model". And they fit just as well as the 9's that I will retire today.

Tomorrow's 5 mile morning run will be my first test in the 10's, but I don't forsee a problem. For a guy with an underpronation and an overpronation of the feet, balky calves, and wide feet, I'm thankful that I found a pair of running shoes that seem to address all of my issues.

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  1. I LOVE NEW SHOES! Okay...FYI...you state you "believed it was time to purchase a new pair" when you discovered you had worn a HOLE in one of them! Yes...that would be ONE indication that those suckers are in need of an upgrade!!!

    Also, this tip: don't assume that just because this year's model is the same name that they have not modified the shoe at all. Sometimes, makers will "tweak" their shoes, change the last in the shoe a bit, maintaining the same model name. So continue to evaluate the shoe, even if you wind up in the same place.

    Make it by CHOICE and not by DEFAULT. There is nothing better for a runner than finally finding a great shoe...and as you are one of our Team McGraw folks that continues to log those miles as a part of our merry band...

    ...I'm happy you found it...and us!