Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running In The Dark

With my hectic schedule, the majority of my weekday training runs take place at 4:30 AM, which means "in the dark". Running at that time of morning leaves someone very vulnerable to a distracted driver hurrying to work. I always use a reflective vest when I run that early, but I recently added another safety device to my running apparel that I hope will keep me even safer.

Its called the "Firefly Supernova", distributed by RoadID. This handy device is a small light that clips on to your apparel, and emits a rather bright light that the RoadID website says is visible from up to a mile away. I was skeptical about this claim.

Until I went out this morning.

I bought two "Fireflies", put one on the front of my vest (actually, a "Y" vest) and one on the back. To make the light flash, one simply twists the light clockwise, and the blinking begins (a counter-clockwise turn keeps the light on constant; no blinking). As I started out on my run, the light was oblivious to me as it was centered on my chest (pop-culture alert!!), looking like Ultra-Man searching to renew his lost energy. But I did notice that the flashing was visible on the reflective street signs on my run, so I assume that it was visible from quite a distance. So combining the Firefly with my reflective vest, I should be fairly well-protected on the early morning runs.

RoadID is more commonly known for their line of identification bracelets and ID's that can be attached to your shoe (which I have). I strongly encourage all outdoor enthusiasts (not just runners) to invest the modest amount and get a RoadID product, simply because in case of an injury that leaves you incapacitated, the emergency personnel can have the necessary data available. I have an emergency contact listed, as well as telling that I have no known allergies or drug allergies, and my blood type. It's just another measure of safety that gives both me and my wife a degree of comfort when I'm pounding out the miles.

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