Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon

I did it last year; I'm doing it again. I signed up today with Team McGraw to run the 2010 Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon (formerly known as the Philadelphia Distance Run). I haven't yet registered for the race, just signed on as a Team McGraw participant again.

For those unfamiliar with Team McGraw, it honors Tug McGraw, the legendary pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets, who was stricken with a brain tumor in 2003 while at spring training as an instructor with the Phillies. Tug eventually succumbed to the tumor in January of 2004. As they state on their website,
The Tug McGraw Foundation was established to raise funds for pioneering brain tumor research and to increase public awareness of the disease. Over 200,000 adults and children annually receive a diagnosis of brain cancer, and the mission of the Foundation is to support research that will improve their quality of life in the physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive areas.

The Foundation develops programs and raises funds for two specific elements in this mission.

The Tug McGraw Research Center within the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University and grants to other medical and research institutions in the United States
Public awareness and education activities promoting knowledge and understanding of brain tumor and related issues

Team McGraw started in 2007 at the New York Marathon, and now participates in 7 distance events around the country, all the while raising funds for brain tumor research.

I joined Team McGraw last year after my step-father developed a brain tumor in January, eventually passing away in April after a valiant fight. I ran the race in his memory, carrying a bag of his ashes with me in my race pouch in September. I also met, as part of the team, Jen McDevitt, a marathoner who is currently battling a brain tumor. She is the epitome of a battler, and I am hoping that she will be running this race with us in September.

My goal is to raise about $1,000 this year. I raised $2,245 last year, and was the top fundraiser for the Philadelphia group. I hope you will all support me as much as you did last year.

You Gotta Believe!!


  1. Dave... Can't wait for Philly! Team McGraw is excited to have you running again. I am hoping to put Philly on my calendar also. Ya Gotta Believe!
    Coach Kevin
    Team McGraw

  2. Go Dave! I'm sorry that I won't be catching up with you at the Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll, but I'll be out on the road with the "Southern Voice" tour. I'll leave my Team McGraw fingerprints other places, but I'll be looking forward to sharing the road with you at another one!

    Thanks for being one of us...

    Jeff McMahon
    Team McGraw