Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thoughts Heading Towards The End of 2013

2013 has been an atypical year for me, running-wise. I haven't entered that many races this year (although I do have 2 more remaining), and my training has been average at best. So as we start the 4th quarter of 2013, heading towards 2014, I figure it's time for me to assess what I've done so far and get a quick look forward to next year.

The good: In the 4 races I've done so far, I racked up 2 PR's (a 5K on October 19th, and the Army Ten Miler a week later). In my other 2 races, I missed PR's literally by seconds: a 63-second miss at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, and a 15-second miss at the Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon. So race-wise, it's been pretty good.

The bad: My miles have been down significantly this year, 1,037 miles this year vs. 1,236 on this date in 2012. Much of that can be attributed to training for the Marine Corps Marathon last year, but I'm currently in training for a marathon the first week in December, so I shouldn't be off by 200 miles.

The good: I've learned to slow down my paces somewhat on long runs, in the hopes that this will translate into stronger legs in the final miles of the marathon. If Army Ten Miler is any indication, I'm running stronger and more consistently over the shorter long distances than I have been. I had lots left in the tank at the finish on Sunday.

The bad: I just don't have the motivation to do a 20-mile training run this cycle. I did 2 last year, and I have only one scheduled for this training cycle. I'm still contemplating if I can get away with topping out at 18 miles for my longest run.

The good: I've decided that I love the Ten Mile race distance, and I'm going to focus on running more of those in the future.

The bad: After the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon on December 7, I don't think I'm going to do another marathon. I just don't have the interest to train for such a grueling task.

The good: I've met a TON of great running peeps on teh Twitterz this year; lots of people with whom I'd love to run a few miles or simply hang out.

The bad: None of them live within running distance of my house, so it continues to be solo runs every time. Running clubs just don't do it for me, for some reason. Social awkwardness seems to be the main culprit.

That's just a few things I've been thinking about recently. I suppose I could consider this as the springboard for me to set my 2014 goals.


  1. Hello Dave
    I followed your entry about blog promotion through twitter but you seem to have removed it from here.
    I've gone through some of the questions you raised why bother if no one reads it etc but with 900 twitter followers and daily mile that is a great potential audience.
    I will keep reading and if I'm ever your way perhaps I will run with you.

    1. Gavin, thanks - Yes, I removed it, as it came off as whiny and petulant. Thanks for being one of the few who reads (and even comments!!).