Friday, October 21, 2011

More on Marathoning

OK, so I've had more than a day to think about this (and no, I'm not regretting the decision). I've been getting feedback from friends about where to run my marathon, and now I'm conflicted.
I do know that New York is out. That's something I will not reconsider. And the St. Jude Memphis Marathon is still on the list. But I've added the Philadelphia Marathon in late September as a contender.
Why? Well, I'm a Philly native, and I love running in the city, especially one that goes through Old City and past the historical sites (Independence Hall, for one). It's much closer for me than Memphis (I can drive there in less than 3 hours). They're not that far apart, calendar-wise. And what may swing the balance in Philly's favor - I can have a "rooting section" if I try hard enough. Some of my runner friends have told me that if I do Philly, they'll be there to cheer me on. That's kinda hard to turn down, especially with doing something as mentally draining as a marathon. It would be a rush to see some friendly faces when I'm at mile 23, say, when the body is telling me to stop.
So I'm still thinking about it. Memphis, Philly. Philly, Memphis. One of them will win. But it will be a tough call.

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