Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I'm a wimp when it comes to running in adverse weather conditions, I admit it. It's been raining like crazy here in Northern Virginia this week, and my mileage is taking a slight hit.

My normal run days are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. This past Tuesday, I woke up, got dressed for my run, and opened the front door to a downpour. So I retreated to the basement and did 30 minutes on the stairclimber. Hey, cross-training is good, right? The day eventually cleared up, and I did my scheduled 4 miler later that evening. Not a bad cardio day, looking back.

Wednesday was my off day, and had I thought about it beforehand, i could have put in some miles last night after putting my son to bed. And I should have - the deluge began at midnight, and is still coming down as I write this. Expectations are that we will get close to 5 inches of rain when it finally blows out of here.

So this morning, rather than try and run in the storm, I again hit the stairclimber for a half hour. Not my favorite form of exercise, but it does the job in a pinch. I'll hopefully be able to get out tomorrow morning, and if I do, I'm probably going to do about 6 easy to moderate miles just to get back on track. This weekend is supposed to be clear and cool, perfect for doing a 9-miler on Sunday.

The whole positive to this is that when the rain subsides, it will be gone. Had this been winter, we'd be looking at upwards of 4 feet of snow. And then I'd really be miserable.

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  1. Dave,

    I'm trying to get a group together to share share common interests like running via blogging. Are you interested?

    Four feet of snow. That really does suck. We usually don't get that much in Connecticut. But I'm not a winter (snow) person. I also cross-train by mountain biking.

    Anyway, stop by my blog if you get a chance. I just started it recently.