Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Herndon Festival 10K

This weekend (Sunday), I compete in my 4th race of the year, the Herndon Festival 10K in Herndon, VA. I've gone over this USATF-certified course, and it doesn't seem too troubling.

There's a very steep .2 mile hill just after the one mile mark, a few gradual grades through miles 3 to 5, and then from about mile 5.5 to the finish, it's uphill. That's offset by some rather long down-slopes at points, so it all evens out.

I'll be looking to improve on my 10K time from April 25th, a 56:56 in the Ashburn Village 10K. If I can run it at about a 9-minute pace, I'll be satisfied.

On a side note, May marked the first month in my short running career where I logged over 100 miles in a month. Of course, running 11 miles each weekend probably helps with that. I'm going easy this week, probably about 18 miles total, including the 10K.

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